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Travis and Christina Gagnon Rebel with a Camera wedding photographers Austin, Texas

Crazy in love for way longer than Beyoncé and Jay-Z, we know a thing or two about romance, drama, and what makes the world go round. We are passionate about creating images that will tell your love story. Are you hopeless romantics? Is there a lot of drama and excitement in your lives? Are you all about having fun with each other? Whatever it is that defines your relationship will come through in the images we take of you. Let’s get to know each other and make it happen! Call or text us at 512.981.6169 or email us about your wedding today!

Want to know the nitty gritty about Travis and Christina, aka the Rebel and Mrs. Rebel? Read our *official* biography here!

Travis and Christina Gagnon Rebel with a Camera wedding photographers Austin, Texas

Maybe you met in high school, maybe you met in college, or maybe you met last week in a yoga class. Hah! No matter how you met, you know you found the ONE: the one who completes you, the one you can’t live without. Now you want to make it official, and you couldn’t be more excited! You are fun loving, possibly a little quirky, and you definitely don’t take yourselves too seriously. People are more important to you than things. Always wanting to do things a little bit differently than all your friends, you are looking for wedding photographers who will tell your love story with bold images and all the drama it deserves. You have found Rebel with a Camera! Call or text us at 512.981.6169 or email us about your wedding today!

Who is Rebel with a Camera?

We are Travis and Christina Gagnon, high school sweethearts and college bandmates who have been married since 1998. We have been photographing weddings together since 2003 and wouldn’t dream of doing anything else, besides raising our two firecrackers, Edmond and Corbin. Life has been an amazing ride and we’ve met so many fun people along the way. We can’t wait for the next wedding and how beautiful and fun it will be. Are you next?

What is this Rebel with a Camera thing all about?

A lot of people just follow the crowd not asking whether it’s the best thing to do. At a photography convention in 2005 a few years after we started our business under an eponymous name, we experienced an epiphany. After attending many seminars from supposedly the most successful, trend-setting photographers in the country and walking the convention floor, we realized that we were already on a great course and didn’t need to follow everything they were doing. We had our own style, business savvy, and a passion for our craft. Rebel with a Camera was born!

What is your style?

One of the best things about having us photograph your wedding is that you get two photographers who have worked together side by side for close to a decade. You never get a random aspiring photographer who was hired for the day and is still trying to figure out what his style is or how her camera works. We have each developed our own style, but they are amazingly complementary to each other, coming from the male and female perspectives. Travis is the edgy photojournalist who can make anyone look like a rock star, and Christina has a fantastic eye for detail and loves to capture relationships. When you look at one of our wedding albums, everything is captured beautifully from romantic images of the couple, to the gorgeous details, to the spontaneous moments. The images blend together seamlessly to tell the story of your wedding day.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use the Canon 5d Mark III and 5d Mark II camera bodies along with top of the line Canon lenses. We have about $30,000 invested in our gear including a comprehensive collection of backup equipment. Additionally, we bring professional lighting equipment and are prepared for any lighting situation. There is no room for mistakes or equipment failure in wedding photography. You are hiring us to get it right the first and only time. We always do!

Do you carry liability insurance?

Absolutely! You should ask this of all your vendors and be wary of working with those who don’t.

What do you require to book our wedding date?

We require a non-refundable retainer of $750-1250 plus tax and a signed contract for the basic package. The retainer amount increases if bridal or engagement sessions are added on to the package. The balance of the wedding package is due 15 days before your wedding date.

How long do we have to wait to see the pictures from our wedding?

About 1-2 weeks! While 4-6 weeks seems to be the industry standard for image turn around it does not make sense in a digital workflow. Film is not sent to the lab and proofs are not printed. We really have no idea why other photographers make you wait so long. This is our sole business, and we are very dedicated to what we do. All the images you receive will be fully edited for color and density, and the portrait images will be lightly retouched if needed. The images will be uploaded to our online gallery so friends and family can see them, and you might just see a sneak peek on Facebook while still on your honeymoon.

How many images will we receive?

Most weddings yield 400-700 images depending on the length of the event, the amount of details, and how lively the reception is. If you have a ton of details, schedule a good amount of time for the romantic portrait session, and have an open bar, you will get more pictures! Engagement sessions and bridal portraits usually yield 40-60 images, all of which are incredibly gorgeous and worthy of being made into 30×40 prints.

What is the planning process like for my wedding?

Around 30 days before your wedding, we email you a questionnaire that has questions regarding everything from the beginning of your day during getting ready until the two of you leave the reception. This includes what posed formal family pictures you’d like and special pictures of people, decor or particular cultural events that you’d like to have documented. Once you have answered the questions, we type up a concise timeline of all the details pertaining to the photography that tells us where and what we are doing and send a copy of it back to you before your wedding to ensure that everything is correct.

Does having a Pinterest inspiration board make my pictures better?

No.  Pinterest creates disappointment by creating unrealistic expectations.  You are not those people in that place at that time, and I am not that photographer.  If you are very determined to have Pinterest suggest poses for your photographer, then it must be kept to a very short list and with the understanding that those shots probably are not going to look like what another creative person has done.
You are hiring a photographer for their vision and the style with which they capture personality and color.  It is unlikely that a photographer who has spent years honing their craft enjoys attempting to replicate something that is not their style or passion. Look at my portfolio and see if what I do is what you like.  Do not look at Pinterest and then expect my style to change to something that it is not.  If you find something on Pinterest that sparks your interest it would be better for you to seek out the photographer who shot those pictures or someone whose style is the same because it will only lead to disappointment.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes, we regularly travel for weddings. We add a $250 travel fee to Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio (and anywhere else between 50 to 250 miles outside of Austin) plus two nights at a hotel. There is no travel fee for a location within 50 miles of Austin. We also have custom travel quotes for those who are far out of the area but desire our services, but why would anyone want to get married anywhere else except Austin?

What type of wedding albums do you offer?

Check out all our gorgeous wedding album options here!

Do you have any vendor recommendations?

Yes, yes and yes! We have worked with so many fabulous Austin wedding professionals that we love to recommend. Find them all here.

Do you shoot anything other than weddings, seniors, and fashion?

If you are looking for maternity, newborn, or family portraits, you can check out Christina’s work at Sparklefine Photography.

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Hi Travis, OH MY GOSH!!!!!! We received the album yesterday and I absolutely can’t believe how amazing and perfect it is!! Seeing the demo online doesn’t even come close to seeing the real thing, every single picture is fabulous beyond belief!! Now that we have received all our pictures and albums from you, I want to thank you so very much from both Nicholas and myself for giving us the most perfect (and artistic!!) documentation of our wedding!! You were able to capture every single minute detail of the entire day, and it is so wonderful to see that twenty years from now there won’t be a single moment or detail we can forget because you captured them all. Please know how much the work you do, and how amazingly good you are at what you do, means to both of us. The memories we will have throughout our marriage because of your photos will last a lifetime, and that is truly irreplaceable. Everyone who has seen the photos, proofbook and album and absolutely awed by how amazing they came out, and Nicholas and I could not possibly feel luckier to have the best wedding album we have seen yet!! (The picture of our rings in the rose came out so amazing I am going to matte it and use it for a wall hanging!!)

Thank you for being so good at what you do, and please don’t ever stop, you are so gifted!!!

The Happiest Customers in Texas :)

Carrie and Nicholas

Travis and Christina, WOW, YOU ARE AWESOME!! :-) Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are amazingly gifted artists! The album you designed is just unbelievable. Every single picture is fabulous beyond belief!! It really was a beautiful wedding and your team captured it so well. We would like to thank you for how wonderful you and your team were the entire day. We were blown away by how professional and fun you were. You were all a blast to be around and worth every penny. Everyone who has seen the photos, proofbook and album are absolutely awed by how amazing they came out. Your unique creativity sets you apart from all other photographers!! We would highly recommend you to all of our friends when the opportunity comes along. May God continue to bless you both! Keep doing what you are doing and are so good at.

Mike & Linda Reed, parents of the bride


I am speechless. I have been trying to think of the best way to thank you and have continued to come up short. So without letting any more time pass, I thought I had better say something. You are an amazing artist! The album you designed is just unbelievable. I will never tire of looking at it, no, gazing upon its pages and being pulled into daydreams of that precious day. I am grateful that God led us to you and that you were willing to come to California from Texas. We needed someone we could trust and you were perfect for the job. Now that the job is done, I’m going to miss our frequent communications. I remember you will be sending us a CD of the photos in April. That will be another pleasant event that we get to anticipate. Thank you, Travis, for helping to document one of the most important days of our lives. God Bless You.


Sheryl Watson

Travis and Christina,

Thanks for making our day timeless! :-)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you’ve done for us! We absolutely LOVE our pictures and will cherish them forever. Not only are the pictures beautiful, but we feel so blessed that we had the opportunity to work with such beautiful people inside and out :-)! You were so much fun, yet also so professional! It was such a blast and we felt so comfortable with you (not that we aren’t camera shy or anything :-))! You captured everything we hoped for and more and we are so impressed by the quality of our most memorable pictures! We’d be more than happy to be a reference if you need it! Again thank you for the gorgeous pictures, but most of all thank you for the great experience and for being such awesome people! God bless!

Mark and Lacey

P.S. We also wanted to let you both know that it wasn’t just you there taking pictures on our wedding day, but you were also there sharing our special day with us, and we couldn’t have picked anyone better to share it with!


YOU ARE AWESOME!! I love the pictures and had such a wonderful time putting them in my book. They are incredible. I can hardly wait to show them to all my friends at work. They will be amazed.

The DVD was so wonderful. I cried. It was a perfect finale to my summer. It really was a beautiful wedding, and we only captured it so well because of you. You are worth every penny. I am so glad Sheena wanted to make pictures a priority. They are the best way to remember that special day, and it is sad when they don’t turn out well. You did such a great job. I suppose they could be in a magazine!!

Thanks again,

Kami – Mother of the bride

Hey Travis,

After seeing some of the pictures on the slideshow during the reception, Ashley and I are both excited to see the rest of them. We would like to thank you for how wonderful you and your team were the entire day. We were blown away by how professional and fun you were. We would have spent the whole day taking pictures if we could have. Thank you so much. We can’t wait to see the pictures.

Kevin Hertel

Hey Travis,

This is Ashley Schilling (or Hertel now since the wedding :) from the wedding you shot for us on September 17th. Hope all is well with your family, especially the newest addition, and hope your holidays were great too! I just can’t believe they are already over! :)

I just wanted to say again what an INCREDIBLE job you did with the photos for our wedding. You were exactly what a had been wanting, and I definitely got more than I could have ever expected. One day when you are big and famous I’ll be able to say you did my wedding ;) Each time I look at those pictures, I’m just amazed.

Thank you again for such an incredible job!

~Ashley Hertel

Thanks so much for checking out Rebel with a Camera! You can call or text us at 512.981.6169 or fill out the contact form below. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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