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Bridal Portraits

Travis and Christina Gagnon Rebel with a Camera wedding photographers Austin, Texas

Crazy in love for way longer than Beyoncé and Jay-Z, we know a thing or two about romance, drama, and what makes the world go round. We are passionate about creating images that will tell your love story. Are you a hopeless romantic? Is there a lot of drama and excitement in your life? Are you all about having fun? Whatever it is that defines you will come through in the images we take of you. Let’s get to know each other and make it happen! Call or text us at 512.981.6169 or email us about your bridal portraits today!

Want to know the nitty gritty about Travis and Christina, aka the Rebel and Mrs. Rebel? Read our *official* biography here!

Q: Do I get the digital files with bridal session fee that is $250?

A: No. The digital files are available to purchase for $450. The $250 session fee includes the two hour session, airbrushing/editing and an online gallery uploaded to our proofing site where you can purchase digital files, traditional prints, canvas prints, or metal wall art of your favorite images.

Q: Do I get the digital files with the $700 bridal package?

A: Yes! This package includes the session, editing, and the full resolution digital files with a copyright release, so you can reproduce the images however you’d like. Typically the bridal session produces 40-60 finished images which are all included with the digital files. The images will also be uploaded to our proofing site where you can purchase traditional prints, canvas prints, or metal wall art of your favorite images from us if you would like to do so.

Q: Can I just schedule a 30 minute session and pay a smaller session fee?

A: No. We offer a longer session because sometimes it take a bit of time at the beginning of the session to become comfortable in front of the camera. It takes time to produce quality images, and we do not compromise our quality by rushing through a session.

Q: When do I get to see my pictures after the session?

A: Our typical turnaround is 7-10 days, and we notify you by email once the images have been uploaded to our online proofing gallery.

Q: How are my digital files delivered after the session when I have purchased the $450 digital files?

A: Your digital files are delivered via a download link emailed to you. The link is only valid for 14 days after it is issued, so be sure that you download it within that time.

Q. Can I make prints from the digital files?

A: Yes! You can also email the images, post them to social media, or archive them online for sharing at sites like SmugMug or Flickr.

Q: Do you offer a discount if I have you do my bridal session and wedding photography?

A: Yep! You can get the bridal portrait and the digital images for $500 if you book us for your wedding. It’s the same session, same number of bridal portrait images, and the same copyright release that comes with
the a la carte bridal session, but is a little bit of a better deal if you are also booking us for your wedding.

Q: Where can I shoot the session?

A: Anywhere you’d like if you have permission to shoot there. A few suggestions of public places where you can shoot without asking permission, paying a fee, or getting a reservation include the Texas State Capitol, Butler Park/Long Center, the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge.

Q: Are there indoor locations to shoot my bridal session if the weather doesn’t cooperate?

A: The only publicly accessible indoor location not requiring a fee, reservation or permission is the interior of the Texas State Capitol. Locations such as the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs Mansion, Chateau Bellevue, or Laguna Gloria charge a range of fees and require advance reservation.

Q: If I choose a location which charges a fee to shoot, who pays the fee?

A: The client is always responsible for locations that require a fee and reserving the date with the location.

Q: How many locations can we do during my bridal portrait session?

A: Two to three locations provided they are in within fairly close driving distance. You want to spend more time taking pictures during your session than driving around!

Q: Can I make prints from the digital files that come with the bridal session?

A: Yes. You can make your own prints, send friends digital files, or put yourself on a t-shirt, or mug or whatever you’d like!

Q: Should I pay for professional hair and makeup?

A: Yes! We always recommend that the bride has both makeup and hair done by a professional. The more effort you put into your look, the better the images are going to be.

Q: Do you suggest a makeup and hair artist?

A: Yes! We love working with Thelma at MUAH & Co. – (512) 999-3010.

Q: How much editing will take place after the shoot?

A: We shoot in the most flattering way possible so that we do not need to rely on heavy Photoshopping to produce beautiful images, but our standard post production includes density and color correction and then a polishing to reduce unwanted distractions such as shine and minor skin blemishes.

Q: Should I bring a bouquet?

A: Yes! It can be a different bouquet than what you are planning for your wedding or the same. A bouquet offers so many more posing options and much less “what do I do with my hands?” anxiety that is so common during portrait sessions. Plus, a bouquet gives such a nice pop of color to the images.

Q: Should I have my mother or a friend come to help at the bridal?

A: Yes! You may need help moving from one place to another and carrying all of the accessories that go along with your gown. It’s always have great to have someone who will keep you laughing there too!

Q: Will my dress get dirty at the bridal and need to be cleaned?

A: We do our best to keep your dress clean, but some fabrics are just magnets for dirt, and your dress may need to be cleaned after the bridal session.

Q: Is there somewhere to change into my wedding dress on location?

A: It is best not to expect to get dressed at most locations unless you choose to do your bridal session at a paid venue.

Q: Should I bring walking shoes?

A: If your wedding shoes are more about style than functionality, it would be good to bring some flip flops or slip on shoes to get from one place to another.

Q: How long before the wedding should I shoot my bridal session?

A: If you’d like your bridal images to be available before your wedding typically you should schedule at least three weeks in advance of your wedding.

Q: I want a large print or canvas at my wedding. How long does it take to get a print or canvas printed?

A: Typical turn around for a photographic print is about two weeks. Typical turn around for a canvas is about two to three weeks.

Thanks so much for checking out Rebel with a Camera! You can call or text us at 512.981.6169 or fill out the contact form below. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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